Thanks to staff, going the extra mile

17th April 2020

David Elstone, MD

From David Elstone, Managing Director

These last few weeks have been a particularly challenging time across the country…indeed, across the world. Coronavirus has no boundaries and is challenging the fundamental systems and ways of working and living that we used to take for granted.

As a business, we have therefore had to adapt, and adapt quickly, to ensure we can continue to operate effectively whilst at the same time keeping everyone as safe as possible. This has meant the introduction of new policies across the business, a new working group to keep up to date with changes brought about by coronavirus and added pressures for many staff who are working flat out to keep pace with demand for support surfaces and beds.

It is these colleagues I would like to give my thanks to; all our staff who are doing their bit to keep operations moving. They allow us to play our small part in helping frontline workers and those most in need within the NHS, Hospice and Care Home sectors. We have had many successes over the last few weeks, where I know our staff have gone above and beyond to ensure orders and deliveries can be fulfilled and vital servicing work is carried out, for example:


  • A care home recently ordered 4 dynamic mattresses from us late in the afternoon, unfortunately too late to send them by courier that day. We were aware that the care home was receiving people being discharged from hospital, so knew their situation was both urgent and vital. Rather than send by courier the next day we sent an engineer first thing in the morning to deliver and install the mattresses. This speedy response ensured the correct mattresses were in place so patients could be discharged as quickly as possible, freeing up much needed hospital beds.


  • As part of our C3 guarantee, we provide free training on dynamic mattresses. This ensures all staff are equipped and confident operating the mattress. Obviously, this would normally take place face to face, which is just not possible at the moment. We have therefore started to deliver training via video link and are backing this up with our Quick Set-up and Fault finding guides which can be sent via email.


  • We have seen an unprecedented demand for support surfaces, both for purchase and rental, which has made huge inroads into our stock levels. So, when one Acute Trust came to us for a large order of dynamic support surfaces, it wasn’t as simple as just sending out mattresses. Our staff worked to speed up delivery through our supply chain, whilst our cleaning and decontamination staff worked tirelessly to prepare rental stock, ensuring we could deliver this order on time. This in-turn allowed the Trust to open a new ITU ward to cope with the increase in admissions of patients with coronavirus.


During the next few months, we will continue to do our small bit to support the many amazing frontline workers. Our staff are working diligently to help with care and consideration. The continued efforts of all Select Medical colleagues is appreciated and I am extremely proud of the work they are doing and will continue to do.