C3 Philosophy – Pressure Care For You

Our pressure relief mattress and cushion systems are designed with you in mind. At the core of what we do in ‘pressure care’ is something we call our C³ approach – it’s the foundation on which Select Medical has been built. It’s the value of helping to create a positive outcome for everyone.

When we talk about everyone, we think of you… the care provider, you… the carer and you… the cared for…

We are all too aware that pressure ulcers impact negatively on those we care for, and can severely affect quality of life. Care providers invest huge amounts of time, energy and financial resources to combat problem pressure ulcers with the aim of enhancing clinical outcomes for the cared for.

Within the people element of delivering effective pressure area care, carers have come together in the shape of wound care teams with the aim of reducing incidence and prevalence of pressure ulcers/bed sores. These groups of professional carers develop new processes and drive changes in clinical practice for positive outcomes for those they care for.

Creating the Right Pressure Relief Mattress

Select Medical develop new products in conjunction with our carer network.  Effective wound care products, including foam dressings, debriders, gels and pressure relief mattress systems, all contribute to best outcomes for the cared for to influence pressure ulcer reduction.

Whilst there is no harmonised standard to delivering professional healthcare for preventing and healing pressure ulcers, it is important for care providers and industry manufacturers like ourselves to continue working closely together. Education and evidence based practice is important to delivering the very best in quality and safety of patient care.

Our core values practiced within our C3 philosophy ensures a strong commitment to building a comprehensive collection of clinically effective pressure relief mattress and cushion systems that meet the needs of each of the care provider, carer and the cared for.  Those you care for are at the very centre of what we do.

Pressure Care Brands

Select Medical recognise the importance of matching individual clinical needs of the cared for to an appropriate pressure relieving mattress system.  At a time when financial budgets are squeezed tight, across health and social care generally, our focus of working closely with professional wound care teams to deliver the right pressure relief mattress system at the right price is paramount.  It is vitally important to us that our pressure relief mattress brands provide meaningful differences to improve quality and safety of care.  Accordingly, our Pure Air, Simpulse & Ola brands cater for the different needs of Acute, Community, Hospice and Nursing Home care establishments.

Specialist Patient Care

For specialist patient care we encourage wound care teams to contact us for very specific needs including:

The evidence base for the appropriate use of pressure relief mattress systems prescribed by wound care teams to prevent and manage pressure ulcers varies dramatically. Select Medical believes that individual pressure relief mattress trials are justified, and based on the problem and high costs associated with pressure ulcer prevention and management, we will continue to support wound care teams to find the right product from within our range and at the right price.

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