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Auditing a mattress checking pressure levelsOur Audit Team takes care of large scale mattress auditing, incorporating both Dynamic and Static mattresses and, if required, other equipment too.

We work hard to provide a speedy and efficient audit service. Using suitably calibrated measuring equipment and established management processes we are able to deliver these projects on time, with minimal inconvenience.

During the audit we check:

  1. The density of the foam on all statics (using the Mount Vernon Criteria, recognised by the NHS)
  2. All covers for fluid ingress which is particularly important for infection control
  3. Pressure levels in air/dynamic mattresses
  4. All cells and air hoses for leaks

An Audit report will detail:

  1. The makes, models, type and location of the mattress.
  2. The risk level of all mattresses.
  3. A breakdown of which mattresses have passed, failed and those with advisory action.
  4. Comments and rationale for all decisions.

This can help Care Providers plan and budget for any future work required.

The Importance of Audits

The Care Quality Commission’s Regulation 12 states:

Care and treatment must be provided in a safe way for service users.

To comply with this regulation Care Providers must:

  • Assess the risks to the health and safety of service users of receiving the care or treatment.
  • Do all that is reasonably practicable to mitigate any risks.
  • Ensure that equipment is safe.
  • Assess the risk of, and preventing, detecting and controlling the spread of infections.

The Care Quality Commission says:

The intention of this regulation is to prevent people from receiving unsafe care and treatment and prevent avoidable harm or risk of harm.

CQC does however understand that there are inherent risks involved in carrying out care & treatment. They therefore do not consider care ‘unsafe’ if Care Providers can demonstrate that they have taken reasonable steps to ensure health and safety and to mitigate risk.

Select Medical can provide you with a FREE no obligation, independent Audit Service which can help you comply with these CQC standards.

A detailed Audit Report can also help Care Providers plan and manage their short and long-term budgets. It highlights problem areas that require immediate attention and those that need to be monitored.

Positive Outcome for All

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