Select Medical’s Very Own ‘Hero’

16th January 2020

Dave ShawSelect Medical are extremely proud of their employee, Dave Shaw, who has become a real life ‘hero’.

We were surprised to hear that before coming to work on the morning of 10th Jan, he had been saving his neighbour from a burning building!

He seemed to be taking this all in his stride as he explained how he’d heard shouts from his neighbour who was stuck upstairs. The downstairs fire meant that the woman was trapped. Quick thinking Dave and his neighbours rushed to get a ladder and managed to help the lady to safety.

Dave commented,

I know fire kills in minutes, but smoke kills in seconds. We needed to get her out as we could see smoke billowing out of the window.

Luckily the fire brigade arrived shortly after to put out the fire. The lady was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation.

All in a good days work!