Select Medical set to Launch its First ‘Step-up Step-down’ Pressure Mattress

6th December 2016

Select Medical is pleased to announce the development of its first ‘step-up step-down’ pressure mattress system, designed to specifically meet the demands of our expanding UK customer base.

The system is set to feature a uniquely designed cell construction and is considered to be the next step in the evolution of foam air combination mattress surfaces. Our first support surface of this type has been developed with an eye toward increasing our growing reputation for innovative pressure area care brands suitable for use across different types of care settings.

The new surface employs advanced technology in high frequency welding and is optimized to deliver effective pressure redistribution in both static and dynamic therapy modes, appropriate to the changing needs of the cared for.

The product design incorporates our usual safety and operational benefits related to ongoing service and maintenance of the pump and mattress, including simple accessibility of an externally fitted air filter.

“step-up step-down support surfaces have become ever popular and our research tells us the market is expected to see further significant growth. We designed the system with the requirements of the UK region in mind. This new product will ideally serve our home market, but also strengthens increased future export business opportunities.” David Elstone, Managing Director.

The foam air combination mattress is positioned to compliment an extensive PAC product range, alongside our specialist Pure Air Extra Care Paediatric, Bariatric and Low Air Loss products that enable care providers to significantly reduce costs associated with managing problem pressure ulcers.

“The development of this new support surface system is inline with our continued efforts to deliver products and service solutions aimed at enhancing efficiency and improved care for the healthcare industry.  In recent times, step-up step-down surfaces have included some interesting attempts to improve upon existing foam mattress designs through the incorporation of accepted alternating principles.  Our step-up step-down surface derives from one of our current alternating air cell designs – combining a unique alternating pattern.  It serves to combine comfort and therapy to help lower pressure at the interface between the skin of the cared for and supporting surface, across both static and active operation.” Research & Innovation Director, Ray Booth.

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