Select Medical Launches ‘Extra Care’ Solution to Hospital, Community & Hospice Sectors

2nd February 2016

Implementation of the ‘Extra Care’ Pathway to Individual Care improves levels of nursing care, cuts lead times and nursing costs associated with procuring specialist support surfaces for specific patient groups.

Select Medical launched a new product range and service solution aimed at enhancing efficiency and improved care for the healthcare industry.  The solution leverages Select Medical’s position as a leader in delivering individual patient care, within a crowded pressure care space, and is specifically tailored to hospital, community and hospice care settings.  The new solution, a part of Select Medical’s Pure Air offering, includes Paediatric, Bariatric, Low Air Loss and specialist support surfaces for the smaller, lighter adult. ‘Extra Care’ enables care providers to significantly reduce the cost and duration of searching for and buying a suitable support surface, getting patients on the right system quickly.

Today’s announcement will help care establishments across the UK improve nursing and procurement efficiencies by creating a platform to support early intervention when delivering individual care. Packaging these widely accepted specialist support surfaces into the Extra Care solution significantly speeds up the procurement process and provides a faster means to better patient well-being and clinical outcomes.

“With our Extra Care solution, we are able to efficiently manage customer requirements, by rapidly despatching one of our specialist pressure redistribution systems.  Extra Care is an innovative solution focused on delivering value, driving efficiencies in the capital purchase management processes and improving patient well-being for a better everyday life.  This particular solution is very timely for the care industry and will help our clients along their path to delivering an alround better care service to their patients’.  Extra Care is a straighforward ‘specials’ solution for giving back time to nursing care and keeping you firmly in control.” David Elstone, Managing Director.

Care establishments can now enhance their standard pressure redistribution support surface offering to a level that ensures a better standard of individual patient care. Extra Care is a pathway designed to provide individual care, without adding unnecessary additional budgetary expense through ad-hoc purchases.  This improvement to early intervention for specific patient groups enables cross-disciplinary collaboration in all phases of the mattress procurement project, from a trusted partner in pressure care.  It helps avoid common care industry issues such as nonconformance due to delays in equipment delivery or sign-offs and lack of traceability when procuring expensive off-contract purchases; significantly reducing delay and associated cost overruns.  Moreover, it helps reduce distress to patients suffering the effects of pressure damage, leading to alround better care.

Underpinned by our C3 approach, Extra Care is an essential element in our ambition to benefit everyone. It’s our aim, through C3, to help you foster a knowledge of pressure care products for making better informed decisions and leading to improved patient outcomes.

Being able to make fast and accurate decisions during the pathway of patient care starts with a phone call to the right people – and we’re always on hand to help.