Expert Pressure Prevention for your Nursing Home

9th February 2019

Helping Carers to Deliver Uninterrupted Care

Providing the right pressure redistributing support surface at the right time for your resident is critical to ensuring high levels of care quality in your home.  Partnering with an expert in support surface solutions for all patient types, can help keep you protected from the many pitfalls associated with choosing the wrong mattress for your resident.

Select Medical aim to keep you informed…  north of the border in Scotland, there’s an initiative created especially for nursing homes [1].  Such resources focus on identifying a pressure sore, reporting and guidelines for how to react.  The importance of documenting evidence cannot be understated…

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The SSKIN Bundle

Did you know… SSKIN is a simple way to help remember what’s important for good pressure prevention understanding.



SURFACE – Make sure your patients have the right support
 S SKIN Inspection – Regular inspection will detect any problems and allow for early intervention
 K KEEP Moving – Make sure your patients are repositioned regularly
 I INCONTINENCE or moisture – Your patients need to be kept clean and dry. Promote good skin care regime
 N NUTRITION and hydration – Ensure patients have plenty of fluids and are getting the right diet

Confidence is Key…

CQC inspectors will expect to see, in the residents care plan, an appreciation of your reasoning for surface selection and comfort setting applied (if manual dial type).  Without this information, you’re open to further questioning and scrutiny – to keep you and your residents safe we will meet your training needs with FREE education provided either on or off-site.


[1] Reducing Pressure Ulcers in Care Homes (2017) [Online]. Available at