Improving Customer Service Levels…

3rd June 2019

…and planning for future growth.

Across many sectors, attracting new customers is always a difficult task for any small business.

Historically, it’s true to say that in our space, NHS & Nursing Home Group care providers have remained loyal with tried and trusted partners.  But, the support surface’s space continues to change and grow.  Despite the challenges faced when taking on these established businesses and their mature product offerings, Select Medical continues to grow too.  How?  The message from our owner and founder, Ray Booth is this:

What we’re seeing is a shift across the care sector. Care Providers are looking for new suppliers who can provide value and meaning for their Carers and those they care for.  We deliver, through our deeply ingrained C3 philosophy, unique affordable solutions to those open to trying what’s new from a modern, hungry provider.

Good recent examples of our successes include our innovative FLEXI crossover surface and our asset management service of customer owned kit.

Technology Investment

Our phased software & mobile technology investment project, in the form of a tailored Microsoft Dynamics ERP system, has transformed how we connect with our client base.

To support sales budgets and achieve agreed financial targets, we now provide faster and more reliable data in a format to suit our customer – all from a single source system.

Operations Director, Craig Barton, says:

Supporting new and existing clients with detailed business information is crucial to our growth and development.  In the past, we’ve managed this information across three separate platforms and at considerable expense to the business.

A reduction in working inventory, to free up working capital, is anticipated with our most recent development.  Bar coding to serial number of new stock now facilitates shipment out of the door quicker. Additionally, live bar code tracking of stock, rental, client repairs and owned equipment has resulted in improved service performance for us and our partners.

“Our ongoing technology venture has already transformed services, production and brought about numerous efficiency savings that are yet to be fully realised,” says Craig.

Flexibility is key

One of the key reasons we selected Microsoft Dynamics was the flexibility of the software.  Our gold standard providers have successfully managed to match our exacting needs.  Standard modules have been tailored to support in-house and in-the-field activities, to safely and remotely transfer important data.  This real-time movement of information has been optimised to streamline our processes and highlight inefficiencies so we can take action immediately.

Managing Director, David Elstone adds,

Select Medical has experienced significant expansion over the last two years. To continue to grow, we recognised that we would need to improve our processes to keep up with increasing demand from our clients.  We’re working towards ISO13485 accreditation in an evolving technology market and this cross-functional ERP system will facilitate more coherent communication across the company.  The end results of this investment will enable us to offer our customers reduced lead times and even higher quality products and services.

Implementation of the project commenced during 2018.  The final stage is set to complete at the end of July this year.

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