Online Training Videos Launched

10th July 2020

At Select Medical we take pride in our commitment of helping all our customers to the best of our abilities. We don’t just sell you a mattress and then leave you to get on with it! We support you with training, advice and free resources.

Adapting our Training Delivery

Usually we deliver face-to-face training on our dynamic surfaces, so staff feel comfortable and knowledgeable about how to operate the mattress. This is supported with ‘Quick Guides’ as useful reminders as we know that, when faced with a busy schedule, referring back to the User Manual is not always easy.

Obviously, during these very difficult times, this face-to-face training has had to be curtailed. We’ve had to look at how we can support our C3 stakeholders in different ways and are now starting to roll-out a suite of video guides on mattress operation.

The first of these videos is available for Pure Air 8 (2 videos for Alternating/Static version & Alternating/CLP version) and Flexi, with more to follow shortly. Whilst nothing beats personal interaction and hands-on experience, these videos will complement our other support options of Teams/Zoom video calls and phone support.


Where to Find The Videos

All videos will be available from a main hub section, as well as from individual product pages. We will keep you posted as other videos are released. In the meantime, if you need any help or support then please give our team a call, they will be happy to help – 01254 668899.

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