‘Mattress Operation’ Video Guides…Coming Soon

24th June 2020

At this particularly difficult time where social distancing is a must, we have started to look at new ways of conducting our business.

Our Commitment to Training

One of our commitments to our C3 stakeholders has always been to deliver expert training on our dynamic mattress systems. We want to ensure that Carers have the right knowledge to operate the mattress safely and confidently, in-turn keeping everyone safe.

Whilst nothing beats personal interaction and hands-on experience, we have had to look at alternative ways to deliver this training. Currently, we have been holding meetings on Teams where possible to demonstrate the mattress set-up and operation. This has been backed up by telephone support for any queries and questions.

To complement these options, and to act as a useful reminder whenever needed, we’re working on a series of Video Operation Guides. These will be rolled out across our range of dynamic surfaces, starting with our Pure Air range.

Get in Touch

We’ll be posting the Guides on our website and across our social media channels over the coming weeks.

In the meantime, if you need any help, support or training then please give us a call.  We’re always here to help – 01254 668899.