How to clean a dynamic mattress and control unit

28th November 2019

To avoid cross-infection, cleaning and decontamination of the mattress and control unit between patients is essential.

Understanding what to use, and what not to use, in this process can help prolong the life of your system.

Cleaning the Control Unit

Before cleaning the control unit ensure:

  • The control unit mains cable is disconnected from the power socket!
  • Check for external damage – DO NOT use if damage is found


  • Immerse or soak the control unit
  • Spray any cleaning solution directly on the surface of the control unit
  • Use phenol based cleaning solutions, solvents, neat bleach or abrasive products


    1. Place the control unit on a work surface and using a clean cloth wipe the outside of the case with a prepared sodium hypochlorite solution (1000pp).
    2. Clean by starting with the cleanest parts and systematically moving to the dirtiest parts. Extra care should be taken around areas where excess dirt or dust may gather.
    3. Change the cloth if it becomes dirty.
    4. Once clean, wipe down with a new clean cloth moistened with clean water to remove detergent residue.
    5. Dry off with a paper towel. Always allow the surface to dry thoroughly before putting back into use.

Cleaning & Decontaminating the Mattress

Before cleaning the mattress:

  • Check the top cover for physical signs of strike-through such as staining (ingress of fluid through the cover). Replace the top cover if signs are found.


  • Use solvents or alcohol-based cleansers e.g. Phenicol, Hibiscrub, Clearsol, Stericol or Hycoline as these will destroy the mattress materials!
  • Autoclave

General Cleaning:

    1. Wipe down with a clean cloth moistened with a mild detergent and diluted in warm water (40°C)
    2. Rinse with cold clean water and a clean cloth and allow to fully dry before use.


    1. Unzip the top cover from the mattress
    2. The top cover can be machine washed up to 95°C and tumble dried on a cool setting. In extreme circumstances 10,000ppm can be used, wipe with cold water to finish.
    3. Unsnap the air cells from the mattress base on both sides.
    4. Carefully clean with (1000ppm) prepared solution of sodium hypochlorite and allow to dry completely.
    5. Make sure to disconnect all the air cells and spray the cleaning solution on all sides, including the connecting tubes and hoses.
    6. Re-assemble the mattress and lay it out flat. Roll the mattress from the foot end towards the head end.
    7. Ensure the mattress is completely dry before storing or using for another patient.