How our C3 values help you to make better informed decisions

8th October 2015

In July this year, I spotted a half page advert in the Daily Telegraph, with the headline – Have you or a loved one ever suffered from pressure sores??? Initially, it shocked me to see such a compensation claim advertisement, but after a short pause I quickly realised the magnitude of long-standing damage a pressure ulcer can cause. You see, it’s not just the pain of the wound itself that affects those suffering these chronic wounds, but also the close inter-relation with psychological, emotional and social state. It can take years to recover from the effects of a pressure ulcer.

In a recent report (Driving out Compensation Culture), insurers AVIVA stated that during 2014, 96% of all personal injury claims are brought about by claims management organisations. What is evident from the advert I read is that there are certainly no boundaries and care providers must take positive steps to ensure processes for pressure ulcer prevention are in place and closely monitored for their effectiveness.

Within Select Medical, you’ll hear us talk frequently about our C3 philosophy – an ambition to benefit everyone. C3 forms guiding principles for our people to follow. One such belief is that we should work hard to keep care providers informed and the better informed our network of care providers are, helps to limit their risk of liability. It’s our aim, through C3, to help you foster a knowledge of pressure care products for making better informed decisions.

C3 encourages us to work closely with care providers; it also serves to ensure carers have continuous access to state-of-the-art pressure mattress systems and educational support to reduce the risk of liability and potential claims.

There will always be times when you need pressure care equipment quickly. These emergency requirements of pressure relieving mattress systems are as much about time as it is about quality of care. Select Medical offers fast access to rental solutions of standard alternating mattresses and also specialist paediatric and bariatric mattresses too, that let you not only improve emergency workflows, but also substantially reduce the time it takes to get those you care for on to the appropriate support surface, from pediatric to bariatric patients – benefiting fast decision-making at the point of care.

There are, of course, other occasions that bring about interruption to patient care and downtimes in faulty pressure care equipment can turn into a nightmare for care providers. These untimely disturbances not only affect the patient care pathway and workflows, but they can also result in increased risks in pressure ulcer development for the most vulnerable people. Through our unique C3 Service Package, our Service, Rental, Audit and Training services support you in keeping these types of risks to a minimum.

Being able to make fast and accurate decisions during the pathway of patient care starts with a phone call to the right people – and we’re always on hand to help.

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