The Hidden Costs of a Faulty Dynamic Mattress

13th September 2019

It’s easy to think about the initial purchase price as the main cost of a mattress…which it is…to start with. But, you don’t just have a mattress for a short period. If you’re investing in a dynamic mattress, also known as an airflow mattress, then you want to be able to use this for a prolonged period.

At Select Medical we have been quite open about the fact that you get what you pay for. We’ve compared how our OLA brand performs compared to our Simpulse range, with interesting results! We know that there are plenty of cheap dynamic air mattresses out there in the marketplace, but have you thought about the other costs that might be incurred if you buy one of these mattresses?

We’ve thought about these ‘hidden costs’ and created a possible scenario. This might be something you recognise, although we think we’ve probably over simplified the process! When a mattress is faulty it certainly requires involvement and time from the Care Provider and Carer. Probably, more importantly, it causes inconvenience and stress for the Cared For.  Potentially it could also impact on the managers, directors, owners, handyman, housekeeper, administrators etc. This all adds up to a more complex and expensive picture than initial purchase price alone.

Have a read and tot-up how much money and time is wasted!

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