Helping you to Maximise Care

8th May 2019

We know that as a Care Provider or Carer there are often challenges when finding, purchasing, operating and maintaining a suitable pressure relieving support surface.

Challenges for the Care Provider

For a Care Provider this often involves balancing the budget to manage upfront costs as well as ongoing life-cycle costs. Meeting ad-hoc demands to deliver uninterrupted patient care is also a priority, as well as ensuring patients are on the right surface to suit their individual needs.

Challenges for the Carer

For the Carer, dealing with avoidable interruptions caused by inadequate equipment means time is taken away from face to face care time with the Cared For. Inadequate or incorrect support surfaces to meet individual care can also lead to increased nursing time spent on highly demanding repositioning regimes. Added to this, Carers do not always have the necessary training on how to operate the support surface to deliver the very best levels of care.

Impact for the Cared For

For the Cared For these challenges, that the Care Provider and Carer face, can negatively affect the level of care they receive. In reality this can mean an anxious time for the Cared For and, in the worst cases, result in debilitating pain and suffering caused by pressure ulcers.

Select Medical’s C3 Guarantee

At Select Medical we believe a pressure care company should be about more than just providing support surfaces – there’s a much bigger role for us to play. Our aim is to help you maximise the care you give by going that extra mile to make your life easier, which in turn will benefit all involved. So, how do we do this?

Every Patient Matters

Select Medical surfaces are manufactured with efficacy, reliability & comfort firmly in mind to help improve patient outcomes.

We manufacture a comprehensive range of support surfaces as we know one system does not suit all. Whether you’re looking for a dynamic, bariatric, paediatric, crossover or low air loss system, we can help.

We also offer a bespoke service on many of our support surfaces if required.


All surfaces are independently tested to IEC 60601, ensuring their complete safety & helping you meet vital compliance & reporting requirements.



Aiding Good Nursing Care

Our surfaces are a tool to aid good nursing care; they are clinically effective, reliable and safe for the patient backed with service support.

This helps to give back to nursing time allowing Carers the time to get on with the job they do best.

Training & Support

At Select Medical we don’t just sell you a mattress and leave you to get on with it!

Our dedicated Account Management Team can deliver FREE education and training. This ensures Carers are fully equipped to install and operate the support surface, keeping everyone safe.




Life-cycle Costs

Our support surfaces are not only affordable to purchase, but also over their lifetime.

By purchasing direct from the manufacturer ongoing maintenance costs are minimised. Interchangeable component parts are easily ordered and fitted with just one call to our dedicated service team.