Financial Pressure Driving a Growing Trend in Care Homes

23rd July 2019

Over recent months we have noticed a growing trend. Care Homes are increasingly opting for our Simpulse range of mattress systems over their traditional choice of OLA.

Financial Pressure on Care Homes

Over recent years Care Homes have faced well known funding challenges. Fees are under pressure as local authorities struggle with social care budget cuts.  The well documented financial difficulties of some of the largest Care Home groups typifies this.

It might therefore sound counter-intuitive that our Care Homes, usually loyal to OLA, are spending more money on their pressure relieving mattresses, but that’s just on the surface (excuse the pun!) Delve a little deeper and it’s clear that for many it’s not all about upfront cost.

Increasingly Care Providers are thinking more long term and making canny purchasing decisions based on multiple factors. Of course, upfront cost still plays a part but so does longevity of the mattress, on-going maintenance costs, reliability and clinical efficacy.

We asked one of our existing customers why they had chosen Simpulse?

I was looking for a cost effective and reliable pressure relief system and was introduced to Simpulse 8. As always, the ‘write up’ promised the earth – 18 months on I would not consider any other make of pressure relieving mattress – this product delivers what it promises.

The cost is favourably comparable, the reliability is excellent and our ‘React to Red’ and Pressure Care Audits have returned only positive feedback

          Karen Fairclough, Support Services Manager, Springhill Care Home


Setting Simpulse Apart

Simpulse 8OLA is a well-established brand within the Care Home sector, and at its price point it is an excellent choice for many Care Homes on a limited budget. Since OLA’s launch, over 12 years ago, we have used our experience and expertise to build on the design, quality and specification of OLA to bring you Simpulse. Simpulse gives you that little bit extra over OLA. And we’ve achieved this with only a modest increase in the purchase price!

So, what are the little extras that you get with Simpulse?

Well, firstly Simpulse cells are made from a more durable nylon/PU material, compared to nylon/pvc in OLA. These cells are hard wearing and long-lasting providing uninterrupted care for longer.

Secondly, Simpulse has an Xtreme® fabric cover which incorporates infection control and anti-decubitus characteristics. Dynamic mattress covers are designed to be removed and laundered, increasing wear and tear. Decontamination should be carried out between each patient. This is typically done by applying a cleaning solution containing 10,000ppm of a chlorine-based product to the surface. Standard coated fabrics can become brittle under these conditions and start to bubble and delaminate. This can then lead to fluid ingress and an infection control risk. Xtreme coatings are resistant to this problem.

This enhanced quality means that we can offer a two-year guarantee on the Simpulse range. Simpulse also comes with all the usual features you’d expect to find in an airflow mattress, but a digital control unit with Simpulse 8 and analogue with Simpulse 7, offer extra safety features and functionality over OLA.

Lifecycle Cost Analysis

Taking our data from the last few years we have analysed the performance and costs to work out the average lifecycle costs for OLA 8 and Simpulse 8, over a 5 year period.

If you invest in Simpulse 8, you can expect to recoup the initial extra upfront expenditure in around 2 years. Over a 5-year period the savings increase considerably and become even more apparent.

There will also be savings on Care Provider’s and Carer’s time who will have to deal with any issues arising from a faulty mattress. Perhaps most importantly there will be less interruption for residents. They can rest easy knowing they are on a reliable and clinically effective surface.