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18th April 2018

With a prevalence of 60% of residents in nursing and care homes at risk of developing pressure ulcers [1], we wanted to create a poster to highlight the issue.

At Select Medical we put the cared for at the heart of our business, and knowing these chronic wounds are incredibly painful and potentially life threatening, we are aiming to create a number of resources that will help care homes combat these wounds, as well as care for their pressure relieving devices. This poster is the first of these resources.

Inspired by the ‘Stop the Pressure’ campaign and some of the resources created around it, we wanted a poster that would stand out as we well as being informative. The poster can be used as a quick reference tool, as well as a daily reminder for staff on the risk factors involved in pressure ulcer development.

This FREE A3 poster can be ordered (up to 2 copies) using the form below or by giving us a call on 01254 668899. If you require more than 2 posters please just give us a call to arrange your order.

Identify those at risk of a pressure ulcer poster

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