A Message from our Owners: COVID-19

23rd March 2020

Update Monday 23-March-2020 08:00 hrs

Hello… I’m Ray Booth, one of the owners of Select Medical.

At Select Medical, we’re known for looking after the interests of our C3 stakeholders – care provider, carer and the cared for, which means keeping a focus on creating a better everyday for everyone.

These are challenging times faced by the UK’s care industry.  Select Medical is continually preparing for and responding to the coronavirus outbreak.

Like you, we’ve witnessed the news updates reporting the rising numbers of those infected by the virus and we applaud the efforts to prevent further infections and tragic deaths.

Whilst there’s still much we don’t know about the epidemic, the health risks are real.  Our organisation is working hard to limit the impact to our people, the wider community and healthcare system as a whole, whilst continuing to support a frontline care workforce with an uninterrupted provision of pressure prevention surfaces and urgent repair service.

Our management team could not predict the effects of a coronavirus epidemic itself, but their market know-how and response to this pandemic constantly sees them preparing for the next unexpected and unpredictable event.

Our experienced staff will help frontline care workers to navigate this difficult period to ensure your patients’ remain cared for.

Our website will be refreshed with coronavirus updates that impacts upon our ability to keep services up and running.  Our surfaces experts will remain on-hand to offer practical advice on how to make the most of an alternating mattress, to minimise patient interruption and release more time to deliver care where it’s needed most.

First, we stand by our mantra to continue, “creating a better everyday for everyone”.

Second, we’re here to help you, working together to keep your care establishment up and running – delivering care.  Whether you’re a new client or one of our long-term partners, Select Medical is here to support you.

Finally, thank you… for entrusting us with your patients.  It’s a tremendous responsibility that we take very seriously.

Together, we’ll come through these unprecedented times.