Change is Afoot

15th November 2018

It is safe to say 2018 has been a big year for Select Medical. We have seen some fast-paced developments that mark the start of what will be very exciting times going into 2019.

For some time now, we have been supporting leading organisations within Pressure Area Care (PAC) with specially designed private label products.  As we have developed these ranges, we have also extended our expertise and ‘what made us great’ credentials into our own brands. As our customer feedback has told us, this is a real strength area for Select Medical and something that we are committed to developing further.

On that basis, 2019 will see Select Medical scale back on our Private Label initiatives to allow us to put more focused resource on developing our C3 philosophy and message through Pure Air, Simpulse and Ola.

Private Label has been Select Medical’s cornerstone since it began in 2007 and it has certainly benefited from market leading products and operating in spaces we and our customers could only dream of – true partnership!

A new approach for a New Year

So, are we turning our strategy on its head? What will this mean for our customers and how we serve? Change is certainly afoot; however, my vision is clear. Select Medical is driven by the needs of the 3C’s – the Care provider, Carer and Cared for.  We remain committed to delivering on our service level and believe that this strategic shift will step this on further.  By focusing on our brands we can make the most of our resources; specifically R&D to make sure we are providing market leading products for all of the 3C’s.  Whilst we have been extremely fortunate to work on several own brand projects, with teams who have shared our ambition for product efficacy, the very nature of developing many different private label specifications dilutes our focus.

We have become excited by the disruption our products and C3 message is creating in this space. In September, we were honoured to receive a highly commended award for supply into the NHS. Furthermore, our products are being applauded by clinicians, leading procurement professionals and perhaps most flattering of all, some of the biggest and leading players in the pressure care market.  Certainly reassuring that a branded strategy is right for Select Medical!

The space is changing too, in the shape of Medical Device Regulations (MDR) – replacing the previous Medical Device Directive (MEDDEV).  MDR will be introduced progressively and updated regularly.  It will demand manufacturers, importers and distributors take far greater responsibility for the safety and suitability of a medical device.

As we evolve through these changes, there has been little that hasn’t been reflected upon, reviewed and celebrated at Select Medical over the last 12 months

Investing in the future

One of our biggest developments to date, has been to place great resource working toward attaining ISO 13485 accreditation (a comprehensive quality management system for the design and manufacture of medical devices).  Our commitment to ISO 13485 provides our customers with the confidence that they are in receipt of the very best in support surfaces technology – a feeling that what we speak about in terms of looking after the needs of our C3 stakeholders, is underpinned by a surfaces portfolio that is safe for their intended purpose of pressure ulcer prevention.

We are also committing significant financial investment into a new state of the art ERP system. This will ensure that we keep pace with our expanding requirements.  We have made internal changes in key positions too and have recruited some top talent over the last 12 months helping us to seize new opportunities, grow, while not dropping a box…we have even refreshed our website!

Select Medical is changing and changing good. The journey has progressed quickly and we are very pleased that we are not on it alone.  We are working collaboratively with new partners who understand our products and philosophy. The value of a strong brand with key credentials and attributes that is based on genuine insight is immeasurable.

Our direction maybe changing but our mission remains the same, an ambition to benefit everyone.  When we talk about everyone, we think of the care provider, the carer, and the cared for.

Here’s to the journey ahead, it looks to be an exciting one indeed…

David Elstone – Managing Director