Caring for your dynamic, pressure relieving mattress

24th April 2017

In order to get the best out of your dynamic, pressure relieving mattress, as well as ensure the safety of the cared for, there are a few simple maintenance steps that should be taken.

    • Always clean and decontaminate the mattress and control unit between patients to prevent cross infection – follow the details in the user manual supplied.


    • Never use solvents or alcohol-based cleaning products g. Phenicol, Hibiscrub, Clearsol, Stericol or Hycoline as these will destroy the mattress materials.


    • Regularly check the mattress for fluid ingress or damage that could lead to ingress (strike-through). If any damage or staining is found the cover should be replaced immediately.


  • Clean the air filter, usually found at the back of the control unit, once a month with mild detergent.


On a yearly basis you should also:

    • Check the air filter is in good condition and replace as required.


    • Check that all electrical functions operate correctly on the control unit.


    • Check that all audible and visual indicators work appropriately (when plugged in and unplugged from mains supply).


    • Check that the mattress reaches the required pressures.


    • Check the CPR connection on the mattress.


    • Check the cover for tears, punctures, abrasion marks and split seams.


    • Check that all piping and cells within the mattress are in good condition and that there is no kinking evident.


    • Check the control unit housing is not cracked or damaged, if damaged the control unit must be removed from operation immediately.


  • Check that the mains cable and plug are in good condition, if either is damaged it must be replaced with a complete assembly, the plug must never be re-wired.