Supporting the Care Badge Campaign

19th July 2019

You may have heard us mention, from time to time, our C3 ethos. This relates to our working practices where everything we do is focused around the Care Provider, Carer and Cared For. The Carer is a key focus for us, whether working within the NHS, Care Homes or individuals caring at home.

The recent launch of the Care Badge therefore chimes well with us. It has been designed to show support and appreciation for Carers within social care, who often do difficult jobs with little appreciation. Over a quarter of the UK population is either providing or receiving care outside of a hospital environment every day. There are around 9 million carers and care workers helping others across the UK. All profits from the sale of the Care Badges go back to care-related charities.

Visit the Care Badge website >>

To show our support for this campaign, Select Medical will be distributing badges to their Carer contacts within care homes, as well as encouraging staff to wear the badge to show support across the organisation.

Select Medical staff wearing the Care Badge

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