A new pressure mattress range and a fresh look, but the same core values – what is C3 by Select Medical and what does it represent?

22nd October 2015

Select Medical is a small, but responsive forward thinking organisation, and for over 10 years, has quietly built a growing pressure care presence. You might think that in today’s pressure mattress marketplace there are too many stronger opponents for a small company to contend with in order to break into the elite. However, our belief and core values that have got us this far continues to drive us forward unperturbed. You see, we may have lots of competitors, but we have no competition!

It can be said that as a business you don’t have a choice but to try and win over your competitors, since you are all striving for the same reward. But competitors don’t help you simplify your own goals – C3 does this for us!

Within our organisation, C3 works to clarify our ambition and processes – it makes us eager to foster good habits and behaviour that can make us better than what we are.

Guided by these principles we have no time to examine our competitors, their tactics and purpose. We focus our attention and decision-making time on our primary job of sticking to our purpose and our goals.

C3 works to steer innovation for a comprehensive collection of clinically effective therapeutic pressure mattress brands designed for you and your care environment. It creates the vision and consideration for the care provider, carer and the cared for – combined to create peerless value, performance and comfort from a true alternating pressure mattress.  Pressure care brands that balance upfront expenditure with lifecycle costs for continued high levels of care, across all care settings, whilst providing enhanced peace of mind.

C3 is something we aspire to achieve each and every day in the work we do and how we do it. We all share the responsibility to have a positive impact on people, both inside and outside of our organisation. You’ll still see us doing the important things you would expect of a pressure care company, but you’ll also see the unexpected too.

Why? It’s simple. We have a different objective – a bigger idea behind our business. Something we practice everyday throughout the entire organisation and in everything we do.

Select Medical with its C3 philosophy is on a journey and we are moving closer to what we can become – we are our best competition. Our aim is to be better than we were yesterday.

C3 is the value of helping to create a positive outcome for everyone. People like you.