Since 2001, Select Medical have supported front-line care workers in their fight to prevent debilitating pressure ulcers.  We manufacture a growing portfolio of pressure prevention support surfaces that we supply to the healthcare industry, across nursing care homes and the NHS.  Our Pure Air, Simpulse and OLA pressure mattress and cushion brands are synonymous for achieving clinical efficacy, quality and affordability.

Our approach is guided by our C3 philosophy and C3 Guarantee, where we aim to create a positive outcome for the Care Provider, Carer and Cared For.

Our range of pressure relief mattresses and cushions cater for all environments, clinical needs and budgets. We manufacture dynamic mattresses, also known as airflow mattresses, as well as a range of static mattresses. Our Pure Air Extra Care range provides specialised, individual paediatric, bariatric & end-of-life care. All our pressure care surfaces are backed by our C3 servicing, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

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Pressure Mattresses and Cushion Manufacturer

The Care Provider

Your organisation, the people inside it and those you care for are impacted by the purchase decisions you make.

The Carer

Across the UK, there are many thousands of carers supported by specialist wound care teams, tending to the needs of patients and loved ones suffering the effects of pressure damage and/or preventing these painful wounds.

The Cared For

Our commitment to you is underpinned by our endeavours to search the world for the very best materials and partners to ensure your comfort and well-being remains our priority.

Our Brands

A comprehensive collection of clinically effective therapeutic pressure care brands designed for you and your care environment – exclusively by Select Medical.

What are pressure ulcers?

Pressure ulcers are localised injuries to the skin and underlying tissue. They are commonly referred to as pressure sores or bed sores.

Pressure relieving mattresses are time saving devices that provide extra support to good nursing care levels.  They help nursing staff deliver uninterrupted pressure care to vulnerable patients with the aim of lowering the risk of pressure ulcer development. Following individual assessment, these cost-effective systems free up nursing time and minimise risk to personal injury, by reducing the number of times a patient requires repositioning throughout any 24 hour period.

Select Medical manufacture, supply, clean & repair a wide range of pressure relieving mattresses and cushions.

Our specialist pressure prevention support surfaces are often referred to as either pressure relieving, alternating or dynamic mattresses.  In some nursing care homes, they are better known as airflow mattresses/cushions.

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C3 service package

At Select Medical we believe a pressure care company should be about more than just providing support surfaces – there’s a much bigger role for us to play.

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Which pressure prevention mattress best suits your needs?

Pressure Mattress Guide

Which pressure prevention mattress suits your environment, budget and needs?

Unsure which pressure prevention mattress brand best suits your needs? Answer 4 quick questions to match your environment, usage & budget.

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What are Pressure Relieving Mattresses?

Do you know the difference between a static, crossover and dynamic mattress and how they work? If not, then read on.

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Early Signs of a Pressure Ulcer

Identifying a pressure ulcer, also known as a pressure sore, can make a real difference for the Cared For. Find out what signs you should be looking for.

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How quickly can a pressure sore develop?

You might be surprised to learn that pressure ulcers can develop incredibly rapidly, depending on the external pressure being exerted.

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Reducing the Risks of Pressure Ulcers

In simple terms the most effective way of reducing the risk of pressure ulcers is to ensure that you have a good prevention programme in place.

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